Freelance Copywriter – Atlanta, GA

So you need a freelance copywriter.

What does that even mean these days?

At one time a copywriter wrote “ad copy”. Meaning the words in the advertisement. Some write advertorials, you know, those long wordy ads in magazines convincing you to buy or trust or invest or whatever may be in the guise of some extra article in your periodical. These aren’t completely obsolete these days and definitely have their place in certain products but that are more rare than they once were.

Today’s copywriter is subjected to writing not only the words for traditional ads, like commercial scripts and billboards and magazine ads, but also digital media like web content (like this) or blogs or social media content. Things can be very wordy these days. (Don’t tell Twitter)

So as a “copywriter” in this century I am obligated (and obliged) to write the words. That means as little or as many necessary to help your product or service with their awareness and maybe even be a little funny or clever or when necessary emotional and compassionate.

My experience as a copywriter is extensive and all encompassing and so this website (of me) is meant to show you some of the things I have done over the years not only to get with the “times” and whatever that required for the project.

Technology changes so fast and it can be very difficult to keep up. You need to have a writer who is abreast of the social media world, the web content development world, the blog world, and of course the more traditional advertising out there, as it can all benefit you greatly if utilized properly. Often your business or service require using more than one outlet. One more thing, the right copywriter should show you the many voices they can speak in.

How do you choose a copywriter?

When choosing someone to write for you they must be willing to research and research and do more research about you, your philosophy, your brand, your heart and soul. They need to understand that this is your baby. And once you decide who that copywriter should be, you then need to make sure they are willing to write and rewrite and make certain they can explain their reason for speaking how they do for your project.

You need a communicator.

You need someone who will go the extra mile to make sure you are satisfied. You want a copywriter that can work quickly when needed and can understand you and is willing to do whatever it takes to make your investment return heavily while also speaking your specific voice.

This is what I do. And this is why you should hire me.