About Liz Sowell

I’ve been writing in some fashion since I was twelve years old.

My passion for writing came from the encouragement of a 6th grade teacher for whom I will be forever grateful.

Fast forward a few years where in college I started out as a marketing major and found it incredibly easy and sadly a little boring.

The business side comes naturally for me but I am one of those weird creative types that has to follow their heart wherever possible. So half way through college in Colorado, I relocated back to Georgia and took a little while off school to kind of “find myself”.

Little did I know that all these years I had a literal dream and the passion needed to be a writer. To show the world, through words, something extraordinary whenever possible.

Now I just needed to foster this passion in a creative way, while also earning an income and supporting my family. I enrolled in The Art Institute of Atlanta where I learned about commercial art and advertising, which is intertwined with marketing of course, as both are needed to ensure a proper return on investment. This made the marketing side make more sense for me and today I use both my marketing and analytical skills as well as my advertising knowledge and natural creativity to be one of the most well rounded copywriters available.

Please take a look at my various projects to see how much I can help you reach your needs and build your business!