Ad Copy (Traditional)

Traditional advertising copywriting is probably why I found myself drawn to this style of commercial art.

I always loved billboards, or quick signage or cleverly written commercials that either left me laughing or emotional (if written well).

The Chambers Of Horror is an annual haunted house located in an Atlanta neighborhood called The Old 4th Ward. With it being only one of it’s kind, the brainchild of Rene’ Arigado (Co-Owner Chambers of Horror, production manager for The Masquerade, and independent Artist) and Lucas Godfrey (Co-0wner Chambers of Horror and Set Dresser,The Walking Dead) asked me to write the copy for the music venue, The Masquerade, the host of the Chambers of Horror, in Atlanta’s annual Ghoul Guide that comes out every Halloween.

I was able to really have fun with this print ad, as the only rule I had was “Make it seem like a carnival or sideshow attraction.” And so I did.

Throughout the years I have learned that it is very rare to have such an easy job, so I enjoyed looking through old fifties magazines and movie posters and having fun with it!